What do you get when you mix a stand-up comedian, a superstar athlete, and a strong brand position? You get MVP results. CLC has taken humor and brand position to another level for C•Harper. The clever yet tactical creative featuring Hines Ward, is undeniably the best in category. Watch, laugh and enjoy.

Virginia Association of Broadcasters
CLC develops the campaign of all campaigns. When all the TV and radio stations in the state of Virginia wanted to shake up the advertising community and raise public awareness for broadcasters who do think got the assignment? Yes, we did. The complete strategic plan from digital to traditional was center around creative that featured the standards classic “Time Has Come” by the Chamber Brothers. The campaign is so successful that state associations across the country are now adopting this strategic plan and the NAB is planning to feature the work in their up coming convention.

Can a tiger change its stripes? Can an automotive group really get you to love car buying? We think so! DARCARS, one of the country’s largest dealership groups believes in our strategic marketing approach. Our creative work supports the sell of 1 out of every 585 vehicles in the U.S. We’ve taken the yelling out of car selling with the best creative in Washington DC market. This year’s campaign focuses on the concept of the “DARCARS PROMISE” and features the heart and sole of any business its people.

Broadcast Television Industry
The most powerful medium to reach people, broadcast television needed some help explaining why they are so popular. CLC produced a clever tool to tell an important story to advertisers and businesses. We created a Whiteboard video that communicates in a memorable and humorous fashion that would otherwise be a boring research presentation. And who doesn’t like to laugh when they are listening to research.